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Antic Hay” is a novel written by Aldous Huxley, published in 1923. The book is a satirical portrayal of the disillusionment and cultural chaos that followed World War I, particularly in the aftermath of the war’s destruction and the changing social landscape in England.

The novel is set in London and focuses on the lives and interactions of a group of characters who are struggling to find meaning and purpose in a world that has lost its traditional values and moorings. The protagonist, Theodore Gumbril Jr., is a young and somewhat aimless scholar who becomes disenchanted with his career and embarks on a quest for a more fulfilling and authentic life. Along the way, he encounters a variety of eccentric and disillusioned individuals, each representing different facets of the post-war society.

Antic Hay” explores themes such as the impact of technology on human existence, the search for authenticity in a superficial world, and the clash between traditional values and the modern age. Huxley uses humor and satire to critique the shallowness and absurdity of contemporary culture and the characters’ attempts to find meaning and escape their sense of disillusionment.

Overall, “Antic Hay” is a commentary on the societal changes and moral disintegration of the time, and it offers a satirical perspective on the challenges faced by individuals trying to navigate this rapidly changing world.


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Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA
Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA

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