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Brave New World” is a dystopian novel. The story is set in a futuristic world where technology, science, and conditioning have created a highly controlled and regulated society. The novel explores themes of individuality, freedom, the consequences of technology, and the price of societal stability.

In the world of “Brave New World“, human beings are divided into strict social classes, and their lives are predestined from birth. Reproduction has been industrialized, and people are no longer born but rather “decanted” in hatcheries. They are genetically engineered and conditioned to fit into their predetermined roles in society.

The society is characterized by the widespread use of a drug called “Soma”, which suppresses negative emotions and keeps the population content. People are encouraged to engage in promiscuous and casual sexual encounters, and traditional family structures have been abolished.

The novel’s central character is Bernard Marx, an individual who does not fully conform to the society’s conditioning and begins to question its values and practices. He becomes interested in a woman named Lenina Crowne, who, like most others, readily accepts the society’s norms. Together, they embark on a journey to the Savage Reservations, where they encounter people who live according to more traditional human values.

Brave New World” explores the conflict between individuality and conformity, freedom and control, and the consequences of sacrificing individualism for societal stability. Huxley’s work serves as a warning about the dangers of technological and scientific advancements when they are used to strip away individuality and create a dehumanized, homogenized society.

The novel remains a classic in the genre of dystopian literature and continues to be relevant as it raises important questions about the role of technology, the nature of happiness, and the impact of social engineering on the human experience.


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Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA
Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA

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