Time Must Have a Stop




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Programme 1st Year

Time Must Have a Stop is a novel by Aldous Huxley published in 1944. The novel follows the story of a successful playwright, Sebastian Barnack, who is facing a midlife crisis and questioning the meaning of his life.

The novel explores themes of freedom, time, mortality, and the human condition. It questions the idea of living in the moment versus planning for the future, and the potential regrets that may come from either path.

Huxley also delves into the idea of immortality and whether it would truly bring happiness or simply prolong the problems and struggles of human existence.

The novel is considered a departure from Huxley’s earlier works, as it is less satirical and more introspective.


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Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA
Robin Hull, lic.phil. Dip RSA

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